Alpha Blondy, A Major Figure Of The Reggae M… & An Afro-Reggae Star

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Alpha Blondy is a very popular singer and musician from Ivory Coast. Often compared to Bob Marley for his participation in the reggae movement, his natural charisma, political commitment and stage presence have earned him global recognition for the past 3 decades. 

Alpha Blondy was born in Ivory Coast, in Dimbokro in 1953. He is the first son of a large family of nine children, and was raised by a loving grandmother. His education, in the midst of elderly women, will mark his future works.

Alpha Blondy, a man committed to free Africa

Even if he is often compared to Bob Marley, Peter Tosh or Jimmy Cliff, Alpha Blondy developed his own style over the years, often finding inspiration in African music and rhythms. What also sets him apart from other African and reggae artists is his tireless commitment to the African continent.

Traveling the four corners of the world, he went from festival to festival all over the world to sing his fight, deliver messages of peace, and denounce civil wars which were ravaging his country, Ivory Coast. Until this day, he still lives in Abidjan, despite the risk that this represents given his political position. He is now a messenger of peace for the UN (United Nations) and ECOWAS (Economic Committee of West African States).