Babyface plans to pay tribute to his mother during his Super Bowl performance

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The opening concert of the Super Bowl will be blessed by the presence of Babyface. The artist will deliver a performance in honor of his late mother.

Since Tuesday, January 24, the list of music stars who will participate in the opening concert of the Super Bowl are known. Sheryl Lee Ralph will be present to perform “Lift Every Voice and Sing”. Chris Stapleton will represent Country music with a rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner”. Baby Face will also be there and will sing “America the Beautiful”.

As soon as the opening artists for the show were announced, Babyface shared some details with TMZ regarding his upcoming performance. He intends to pay tribute to his mother who has recently passed away.

Babyface first expressed his joy and surprise to be among the selected few for such an event. “I can safely say that I never saw it coming. It’s awesome. It is an honor to do so. I was honored to be called and to have everyone supporting me in the NFL and Roc Nation as well.»

He announced that he will be doing his best to honor this opportunity. “I will be completely shaken when it happens. As much as I’m going to try to be comfortable with it, I know I’m going to be nervous because you think about how many people you’re actually performing for and what that moment means, and I won’t take that moment lightly because it is an honor. And no matter what people think, having this moment at this time in my life too is very special so I’m going to treat it with respect.»

For the occasion, Babyface decided to partner up with a company to sell merch, specifically hoodies. The proceeds will be donated to an association for which his late mother did a lot. He will also not forget his brother who also passed away. “Because it’s important to me, I ended up teaming up with this company called Shine The Light On. They make t-shirts and hoodies, and so we’re going to make some hoodies together and I’m going to be able to donate some of those profits to Keep Memory Alive – which was something my mom did for patients with Alzheimer’s. It’s a complete thing that makes sense of it all. It was supposed to happen. »