Deezy Baby 971 Drops Hard-Hitting "It Ain't Personal"

Deezy Baby 971 Drops Hard-Hitting “It Ain’t Personal”

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Guadeloupe-born rapper Deezy Baby 971 is back with a fiery new single, “It Ain’t Personal.” Following up on three critically acclaimed mixtapes, this track is a potent reminder of his raw talent and lyrical prowess.

It Ain’t Personal” isn’t your average diss track. Deezy weaves a complex narrative, addressing ambition, loyalty, and the harsh realities of the music industry. The song opens with a slick assist from MVSON, setting the stage for Deezy’s razor-sharp rhymes.

The hook is deceptively simple: “It ain’t personal.” But beneath the surface lies a deeper message. Deezy isn’t here for empty fame or fleeting collaborations. His dedication to his craft burns bright, and he’s laser-focused on carving his own path to the top. He lays down the gauntlet for anyone who doesn’t share his work ethic, showcasing his lyrical dexterity with surgical precision.

The verses are packed with vivid imagery and clever wordplay. He compares himself to a warrior king, a left-side assassin, leaving no room for doubt. Deezy’s hunger for success is palpable, evident in lines like “I want to be the best in my field to ever do it.” He throws shade at those who prioritize fame over artistry, dropping the mic with the biting line, “Talkin’ bout S ain’t flames, Are you stupid?”

“It Ain’t Personal” isn’t just about competition, though. There’s a vulnerability that peeks through. He reflects on the emotional toll of losing friends and the frustration of societal injustices. But even in these moments of introspection, Deezy maintains his fierce independence. He’s built a loyal team and a thriving independent label, Black Water Records, a testament to his dedication to creative freedom.

With “It Ain’t Personal,” Deezy Baby 971 delivers a forceful statement. It’s a track that will resonate with anyone who is chasing their dreams and refusing to compromise their vision. Keep an eye on this rising star; he’s just getting started.

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