Drake asks Spotify to Compensate Him for being the first artist to surpass 75 billion streams

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Drake has been stealing the spotlights since the beginning of the month. The rapper once again exploded all Spotify stats. He is the first artist to reach 75 billion streams on the platform.

To celebrate this historical achievement, Drake took to social media, especially Instagram. He shared the Spotify image that made him go down in history. Putting his euphoria aside for a moment, the Toronto rapper called for reform regarding artist remuneration by Spotify.

According to Drake, it is normal for artists to be paid for their key role in bringing many users to the Swedish platform. “We should get bonuses like athletes to motivate future artists to be consistent and competitive,” he wrote. “So feel free to send me a check the size of LeBron, I have enough plates. »

Drake’s success keeps getting bigger. The rapper is the creator of many tracks that went viral. In terms of singles, “ God’s Plan ” and “ One Dance ” each have more than two billion streams.

For the albums, it’s just as impressive. Drake has over 12 albums that have surpassed one billion streams. His most recent, Her Loss, has crossed the billion mark less than two months after its release.

Drake isn’t the only one talking about how Spotify pays artists. T-Pain also denounced the way artists are paid. “I see a lot of ‘well I guess I’ll use the best’ not ‘we gotta do ours’ to keep in mind,” he wrote on Twitter. “Most artists don’t even get the full $1. I just let people know what the real thing is. I worked for mine and there are tons of ways around this if you move right.”