DYLI Unveils New Single "London Bridge"

DYLI Unveils New Single “London Bridge”

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DYLI is a rising star from the streets of Lodi, CA, and her latest single, “London Bridge,” allows her soulful voice and dynamic storytelling abilities to shine in a way that feels fresh. DYLI began her musical journey in Stockton, CA, a humble, noisy, yet energetic city that exposed her to diversity in sounds and influences. She learned how to strum the guitar early, and with music-loving parents, DYLI further developed her passion for music after her grandpa passed away in 2014. This tragic event pulled her into songwriting and, in the process, became the emotional outlet that was the bedrock of her burgeoning musical career.

London Bridge” is a lively and dynamic track that makes a bold statement in DYLI‘s journey as an artist. The track was actually inspired by the beat of the song that was sent to her by the producer, Ruwanaga Samath, called “London Bridge.” Drawing her inspiration from Fergie’s hit song of the same name, DYLI wanted to channel that same attitude and flow. Smartly, the lyrics even include some of the UK’s references, like “Big Ben, turn them hundreds into pounds,” making the track a little playful. Speaking about what it was like to write “London Bridge,” DYLI elaborates, “It was so much fun to write. I wanted to channel the same energy and vibe that Fergie brought to her music. Incorporating key aspects of the original song helped bring everything together.”

Previous releases have been more than enough to establish her as one of the more distinctive voices in the music scene. “Foreplay” was actually penned for another artist but felt more like a homecoming for DYLI‘s expressive vocals.

She has been growing personally and musically back home in Lodi, from where she hails. A decade in the music industry has given her the opportunity to grow her sound and artistry to polished perfection. Now, with every new single, she gives us a peek into this growth and the ride along the way, making everything she writes and releases so personal and close to her heart.

Out now on all platforms is her latest single, “London Bridge.” This new single is a further step in DYLI’s career: merging soulful melodies with cutting-edge influences. DYLI is sure to make a lasting impression on the music scene as she continues to hone her craft.

Experience “London Bridge” here: