Jada Kingdom

“Fans Criticize Saweetie and Liana Banks Over Jada Kingdom’s ‘GPP’ Track”

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Jada Kingdom‘s 2022 track “GPP” is gaining attention again after hip-hop artists Liana Banks and Saweetie released a song with the same name.

Their new song, which debuted last week, talks about using their charms to get expensive gifts from their partners. Produced by Weston DuPree and The Walking Dead, the catchy tune includes the chorus:

Yeah, I got good-pu**y problems
Told him he was gonna love this, made him wanna— quick
Good-pu**y problems
Got him pickin’ out a ring, yeah, he tryna be my husband
Turned off all the lights and it was man down
Put it on him, he don’t wanna pull out
Good-pu**y problems
Got that GPP, GPP

The music video, which premiered on Monday, features a lot of twerking and a storyline about a ‘GPP Support Group.’ It received about 800 views in eight hours. In contrast, Jada Kingdom’s “GPP” has an old-school Motown feel and tells the story of a Gen Zer trying to avoid an obsessive one-night stand. Produced and co-written with Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor, her song’s chorus goes:

I put it down on the wrong one
We ain’t got nothing in common
Me p*m p*m tun good bwoy inna mad man (Damn)
Now I’ve got good pu**y problems
Wish somebody could’ve warn me
Don’t send that text when yuh horny
You gwine regret it in the morning (You gwine regret it), yeah, yeah

Jada Kingdom’s video has a Miss Cleo-inspired storyline and has garnered over 12 million views. Despite the differences between the songs, fans feel that Jada was overlooked by the American artists.

“They’re taking all the Jamaican stuff and using it,” DJ Crazy Neil commented on a promo post on Saweetie’s Instagram page. “How about letting the Jamaicans sing their own songs?”

One user argued that Jamaican music has historically borrowed from American records, but the DJ stood firm.

“True, but Americans should still do better”!