Gramps Morgan

Gramps Morgan Discusses the Significance of Receiving His Jamaican Citizenship

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Reggae artist Gramps Morgan emphasizes the importance for those of Jamaican descent living abroad to secure their Jamaican citizenship, viewing it as a key aspect of their heritage.

Born in Brooklyn and raised by Denroy Morgan, a pioneering reggae artist, Gramps Morgan acquired his Jamaican citizenship two years ago, marking it as a pivotal moment in his life. He highlights the pride and connection he feels towards Jamaica, a sentiment inherited from his ancestors who moved abroad seeking better opportunities.

Speaking at the Jamaica Diaspora Conference, Gramps noted the deep emotional impact of becoming a Jamaican citizen, likening it to the pride others feel when obtaining citizenship in countries like the U.S. or Canada.

Eligibility for Jamaican citizenship by descent extends to individuals born abroad to parents who are Jamaican by birth, descent, or registration. Gramps also advocates for the retention of Jamaican cultural elements, such as the Patois language, underscoring its importance in maintaining a connection to Jamaican identity.

Gramps has settled in Nashville, Tennessee, and is married with five children. He remains actively involved in promoting Jamaican culture and development, reflecting on the progress and potential for further advancements in Jamaica.

Furthermore, Gramps Morgan’s engagement with the Jamaican community extends beyond personal achievements. He has invested in real estate in St. Thomas, emphasizing the region’s growth and his commitment to contributing to Jamaica’s development. His efforts align with broader governmental initiatives aimed at enhancing infrastructure and quality of life on the island, signaling a positive trajectory for Jamaica’s future.