iNi Kamoze & Lila Iké Ignite Passion in Vibrant "I Want You"

iNi Kamoze & Lila Iké Ignite Passion in Vibrant New Video “I Want You”

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Reggae veterans iNi Kamoze join forces with the captivating Lila Iké for the visually stunning music video “I Want You,” produced by XTM.Nation. This collaborative effort is a feast for the senses, transporting viewers on a journey of passion and adventure.

Filmed against the breathtaking backdrop of Eits Cafe in Jamaica and under the starry California night sky, the video showcases the beauty of both locations. Directors Filmacia and Birhan Tonge weave a cinematic tapestry that complements the song’s message perfectly.

Whether you’re a die-hard iNi Kamoze fan, captivated by Lila Iké’s mesmerizing vocals, or simply appreciate stunning visuals, “I Want You” has something to offer everyone. The hypnotic lyric video allows the power of the music and the undeniable chemistry between the artists to take center stage.

Press play, immerse yourself in the world of “I Want You,” and let the emotions wash over you. Don’t forget to share this gem with your friends!