Lil Scrappy thinks 50 Cent screwed up over beef with The Game

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50 Cent never had a collaboration with Lil Scrappy due to the beef he had with The Game.

Lil Scrappy expressed himself regarding certain events. It was during an interview with Live On Lake Street. The man’s career, his time at G-Unit South as an artist and many more topics were discussed.

Lil Scrappy has revealed that his 2006 hit, “Money In The Bank,” was supposed to feature 50 Cent in addition to G-Unit’s Young Buck. Unfortunately Fifty did not participate in the project. Still, Scrappy made the move to call the G-Unit boss. “I so wanted 50 to be there, man,” he said. “ I said to 50: “You have to do it, because a beat from the south with a guy from the north, if you go, it’s going to be crazy”.

The host wanted to know the reason why the collaboration did not take place. Lil Scrappy did not stop himself from advancing his little idea on the question. “I think he was still hurting from The Game,” Scrappy said. “ I can tell he was disturbed by this shit ”.

Lately, 50 Cent has had another bone in his throat. He is accused of confronting a former drug tycoon in a $1 billion lawsuit related to the Power series. Corey “Ghost” Holland Sr., the mogul in question filed a lawsuit against 50 Cent, Courtney Kemp, and the STARZ channel in 2021. The plaintiff claims Power is inspired by his life. Since his complaint, Holland has claimed that 50 Cent has shown up at his house twice to threaten him.