Master P wants to legally protect himself from former artists he worked with

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Master P thought of a solution to avoid being sued by his former artists.

Master P was present at the Gauds Show podcast. In the interview posted on Thursday, the No Limit boss expressed his dissatisfaction towards his former artists who criticize him on a regular basis. He reflected on the issue by proposing a limitation period to avoid contentious situations. He also used the opportunity to respond to some of the attacks he was a subject to.

Master P referred to the last intervention of Trel who says he was fooled in the Society II threat case. “I think people want to do and say what they want after time has passed. For example, another guy said, “Oh, P said he was going to do a sequel to Menace II Society,” he started. “ How could I make Menace II Society ? Go check to see if I ever said that in anything. You can’t find me saying it. So what I said was that I was going to do a movie like Menace II Society. »

After this introduction, Master P gave his version of the facts. “At the time, I had a film in mind. It was called Get Money. But back then, Gucci Mane kept going to jail. So I was thinking about him, putting a few people in the movie with him – other young boys with him. But he kept going to jail. It’s crazy how the current generation acts like you said that yesterday, but that was 12 or 15 years ago. Why is this a topic? It doesn’t even make sense, but it let me know they were scared.»