Migos’ Takeoff’s Parents Fight Over Dead Son’s Inheritance

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Takeoff’s parents are interested in the financial legacy left by their child. The artist passed away on November 1 during a shooting. His death shook the entire hip-hop community, and he was buried on November 11. 

Meanwhile, the late rapper’s parents have decided to put on a fight for their son’s assets.

Takeoff whose real name is Kirsnick Khari Tiquon Ball has an estimated net-worth of $26 million. Unfortunately, the rapper did not file a will to specify who he envisioned getting what.

According to Georgia’s law, if a deceased person leaves an inheritance without a will, it is his next of kin who inherits it. This provision therefore gives the right to his father and mother to position themselves as first beneficiaries.

The real problem is that Takeoff’s two parents don’t get along. The rapper was raised in a single parent family with his mother. His father did not contribute to the expenses of his eldest son. 

This is not the kind of situation that Takeoff would have imagined to happen. The division within the family will most certainly continue. A trial could finally help find a way out of this tragic discord.