Nicki Minaj honors Trinidad Carnival with her rendition of Shake The Place

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Nicki Minaj is in Trinidad. The Young Money rapper went there as part of her native country’s annual carnival. In addition to attending the event, she also performed her new version of “ Shake The Place remix ”, by Machel Montano and Destra. She shared the images on Instagram.

During a show that she offered to her compatriots, Nicki made her verse of Shake The Place. “Trinidad my country, greatest carnival ever / I’m reppin’ that red, that white, that black / I’m reppin’ my real flag”

The day before her performance, Nicki Minaj shared a video of her with Montano and Destra. She expressed her pride and desire that her father would be present in such moments. “ I couldn’t be prouder if I tried. I repeat red, white and black, I repeat my true flag. I wish my grandmother were alive to see this. I wish my dad were alive to see this. See you tomorrow, Trinidad. »