Peter KingKing Gets Real About Love's Two Sides on "True (You)"

Peter KingKing Gets Real About Love’s Two Sides on “True (You)”

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Step aside, love song cliches. Los Angeles artist Peter KingKing rips up the script on his powerful two-part song, “True (You).” This track dives headfirst into the messy realities of modern love, offering a refreshingly honest look at commitment, desire, and navigating a past filled with fleeting connections.

Part one explodes out of the gate with Peter declaring his unwavering devotion. Confidence laced with genuine sincerity, he promises his love will conquer all. Lines like “You told me you love me and I love you too / Ain’t nothing in the world is gonna come between us two” are a welcome departure from empty promises.

But Peter doesn’t whitewash his past. The song takes a sharp turn as he throws out a rap verse acknowledging the superficiality of his former lifestyle. He mentions models and a fast life, but his tone betrays a hint of regret, highlighting the emptiness he encountered before finding his true connection. This contrast between past and present adds a layer of depth and authenticity that grounds the song’s emotional core.

The chorus keeps it simple yet impactful. Repeated with unwavering conviction, “True, True, True, You” leaves no room for doubt about the depth of Peter’s feelings.

Part two delves even deeper into commitment territory. A playful name-drop of Kendall Jenner adds a touch of humor, but it doesn’t overshadow the genuine affection radiating from Peter’s voice. Lyrics like “So glad that we together, baby we ain’t going nowhere, no where!” paint a vivid picture of a love built to last.

Peter ups the commitment ante further by seeking the approval of his partner’s father. “I just got off the phone with your papa he said / Boy you know ain’t no time to waste,” he raps, showcasing a seriousness that extends beyond fleeting infatuation.

The song closes on a sweetly ambitious note. Peter declares his love will take them “to the moon,” a metaphor that avoids cheesiness while conveying the vastness of his affection.

True (You)” is a breath of fresh air in the often-saccharine world of love songs. Peter KingKing‘s willingness to bare his emotional truth, both confident and vulnerable, creates a listening experience that feels genuine. This two-part exploration of modern love is sure to resonate with anyone who’s ever navigated the complexities of finding “the one.”

Listen & Watch “True (You)” below: