Riding The Waves Of Realness: Ya Boi L.I.V.E Unleashes The Power Of Struggle & Survival

Riding The Waves Of Realness: Ya Boi L.I.V.E Unleashes The Power Of Struggle & Survival

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Ya Boi L.I.V.E delves into the emotional and realistic essence of his new release, “Ride The Wave.” The song, not inspired by a single moment but by an accumulation of life experiences, is a representation of the struggle, a theme familiar to his core audience. 

The rapper explains the complexity of revealing his internal battles through his lyrics while maintaining strength in the face of life’s adversities. His music, a blend of vulnerability and hustle, aims to awaken today’s youth to harsh realities and incite positive change, offering not just entertainment but a learning experience. 

“Ride The Wave” is portrayed as a continuation of the artist’s ongoing theme, a raw and unfiltered expression of the silent yet intense human grind. Ya Boi acknowledges the challenges of bringing real-life issues to the forefront in hip-hop, highlighting the need for a balanced mix of vibe, personality, and creativity to resonate with a broader audience. 

Ride The Wave Ya Boi L.I.V.E

What sparked “Ride The Wave”? Was there a real-life moment that hit you hard?

I wouldn’t say it was one specific moment, it’s just how I feel overall about a lot of the things that go on in life. It’s pain music and that’s what my core audience knows me for; for representing the struggle.

With lyrics like, “It’s like if Niggaz knew how I really felt inside / They know this smile on my face is a disguise,” how do you juggle exposing your inner war while keeping that solid front?

It’s not always easy, but I’m a realist so it helps me look at and deal with things a little differently than most people. In this life we live, you have to be as strong as you can, for as long as you can mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially, in order to survive.

Addressing the harsh realities faced by today’s youth, how do you see your music waking them up or shifting the game?

In certain instances, through my music hopefully a person can learn something or maybe change something about themselves for the better. If nothing else, my music can provide a soundtrack to someone’s life at a certain moment in time.

Your songs are a mix of vulnerability and hustle.How’s your life stories bleeding into these raw stories?

I like to be honest and relatable when I make music, because each record is just a manifestation of the way I see life through my eyes. It makes it easier for me to be creative and be an open book at the same time.

How did making “Ride The Wave” flip your view on that silent but deadly human grind?

“Ride The Wave” is just another addition to a type of vibe I’ve been on since I started making music. It’s a part of me I’ve chosen to bring back to the forefront.

You’ve never been shy about dropping the real issues in your bars. You think hip-hop is catching on or are you looking to light that fire?

Dropping real life jewels is something I do on a lot of my records, but sometimes it’s more than that. The main focus changes depending on the point I’m trying to get across. I think it’s the same thing for a lot of other artists and especially the ones that make real life issues, as you describe, their main topic 24/7. They have a harder time getting shine most times especially where the climate of hip hop music is at the moment. So, I do believe it’s still there, you just have to have the right mix of vibe, personality, and creativity to get it across to the masses.

After dropping this deep track, what’s the next chapter for your music? Got a vibe or message you’re itching to spill?

It’s all the way up from here in all ways possible. Nothing but progress and positivity is what I’m on right now. and when applied correctly, the combination can do wonders, believe me!

Listen to “Ride The Wave” below: