Romain Virgo’s Musical Journey in Reggae

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In an industry where new names often overshadow the old within a span of a few years, Romain Virgo emerges as a stalwart, steadfast and unwavering even after 16 years in the spotlight. The Good Woman crooner has etched his name into the annals of reggae music, captivating audiences and carving out a niche that few can match.

Acknowledging the profound influence of his audience, the 33-year-old singer remains humble, recognizing that his longevity is a testament to the listeners who continue to support him. Virgo emphasized the importance of authenticity both on and off stage, citing it as the cornerstone of his enduring relevance. He believes that genuine character resonates far beyond fleeting trends, earning him not just fans, but genuine respect.

Hailing from the small district of Stepney, St. Ann, Virgo’s musical journey began in the heart of his family and community. With roots deeply embedded in the church choir and a passion for the vibrant sound system culture, he absorbed the rich history of Jamaican music. His talent shone early, winning Digicel’s Rising Stars competition in 2007, marking the beginning of his musical odyssey.

Reflecting on his evolution, Virgo credits veterans like Beres Hammond for his approach to music. He realized the significance of quality over quantity, opting to focus on crafting enduring songs rather than chasing trends. This perspective shift, inspired by the wisdom of seasoned artists, has profoundly impacted his work.

In 2022, Virgo introduced his latest tracks, “Driver” and “Switch You On,” produced by the renowned Donovan ‘Don Corleon’ Bennett. These songs, set to feature on his upcoming album, not only reflect Virgo’s reggae roots but also incorporate fresh elements, infusing pop sensibilities into his signature sound. With his project now completed, fans eagerly await the release, knowing Virgo’s meticulous dedication to his craft ensures a musical experience that transcends time.