Spice Celebrates Significant Achievement with Release of Her Third Album, ‘Mirror 25’

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Spice, celebrated as the Queen of Dancehall, has excitingly revealed that her upcoming third studio album will be titled “Mirror 25“, signifying her illustrious 25-year career in the dancehall scene. The announcement came via an engaging Instagram post where she expressed her enthusiasm about the completion of the album to her fans, whom she affectionately calls “Besties”.

In a detailed Instagram Live discussion, Spice opened up about her immersive experience during the album’s production. She shared her solitary retreat into the music creation process, focusing on self-reflection and artistic direction. “I have been deeply engrossed in writing and reflecting in the studio, figuring out my musical path,” she explained, emphasizing her personal control over the project by adding, “The best part of this album is its authenticity—no one but Gracie decides what happens.”

The lead single from the album, “2085 Tea“, according to Spice, will give listeners a glimpse into the theme of the entire album. She described it as a deeply personal piece that represents a cathartic expression of her truths, which will resonate throughout the album.

Spice‘s musical journey has been marked by significant chart successes. Her previous album, “Emancipated,” released in 2022, made it to number seven on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart. Her debut album, “10,” released under VP Records in 2021 and featuring collaborations with Shaggy and Sean Paul, peaked at number six and received a Grammy nomination. Her earlier releases, the “Captured Mixtape” and “So Mi Like EP,” also performed well on the charts, with the mixtape hitting the top spot.

In an interview with Rolling Out, Spice described “Mirror 25” as a dual celebration of her quarter-century in music and personal life milestones. She discussed a transformative near-death experience that brought her closer to her faith and mentioned an upcoming book designed as a planner to help others through adversity. “This album marks 25 years of not just music, but also significant life experiences that I’ve grown from,” she shared.

Spice recalled a pivotal moment in her career during a conversation with former NBA star Jalen Rose on his podcast, where she detailed her first major break at 14 years old when Bounty Killer recognized her potential on stage. This endorsement from a dancehall icon gave her the confidence to pursue her dreams. Bounty Killer himself has spoken about that moment on Spice’s show “Spice It Up,” where he acknowledged her talent and drive, which he watched develop into her current stature in dancehall music.

“Mirror 25” is set to be a reflective and introspective album that celebrates Spice’s enduring influence in dancehall and her personal evolution as an artist committed to genuine storytelling and musical exploration.