Wesrok and Busy Signal Release Music Video for “Don’t Get Me Wrong”

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Jamaican artists Wesrok and Busy Signal have joined forces for the release of the music video accompanying their latest single, “Don’t Get Me Wrong.”

Reflecting on the song’s message, Wesrok, also known as Percival Buddan, emphasized its universal appeal in today’s world marked by conflict and animosity. “A song like this has universal appeal because we’re living in a time where there is too much hatred, nations fighting against nations, and personal battles and animosities,” he expressed. “Wesrok wants to be part of that change, so I am singing about love.”

Produced by 360 Global Entertainment, “Don’t Get Me Wrong” not only champions themes of love but also pays homage to black heroes such as Martin Luther King Jr. The track advocates for charity and positive messages of peace and fellowship.

Collaborating with Busy Signal proved to be a rewarding experience for Wesrok, who commended the artist’s professionalism and commitment to the project. Busy Signal’s contribution adds depth and resonance to the track, elevating its impact on listeners.

Looking ahead, Wesrok is gearing up for an eventful 2024, with a lineup of shows scheduled across different continents. From performances in Florida to appearances in London, Europe, and Australia, Wesrok’s calendar is packed with opportunities to showcase his music on a global stage.

Having transitioned from a career in law enforcement to pursue his passion for music, Wesrok’s journey reflects his resilience and determination to succeed. With previous releases and performances garnering acclaim, including his debut at Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay, Wesrok’s trajectory in the music industry continues to ascend.

As “Don’t Get Me Wrong” resonates with audiences worldwide, Wesrok’s commitment to spreading messages of love and unity remains unwavering, cementing his position as a rising star in the Jamaican music scene.