Wiz Khalifa signs endorsement deals with 25 college athletes

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Wiz Khalifa explores new methods of artistic promotion using partnerships that benefit everyone. Wiz Kahlifa’s label Taylor Gang welcomes 25 new faces. These are 25 university athletes that the label has agreed to take under its wing. It was On3 who highlighted the nature of the partnership. The 25 beneficiaries will get financial compensation for work promoting the title “45 minutes Beatdown” by Wiz Khalifa presented by Lil Uzi Vert. The promotion consists of making videos to post on the Instagram stories of each of the 25 athlete’s accounts.

A first in the music industry

This type of agreement is one of the very first. It was negotiated by the A&P agency which operates in the NIL space. Stefan Aguilera, co-founder of A & P gave the reason why this type of partnership was innovative with a better impact on youth for the benefit of Taylor Gang. “Right now in the music industry, there is no better marketing tool to effectively communicate with the college audience, than our athletes who have a huge student following and alumni community that we have developed during our relationship with them ”

It is truly a well-thought out choice by Wiz Khalifa’s label. It is the sports world and the younger generation that are fully supported with a new method of which the two parties will be pioneers. “A&P Agency is the optimal choice for the music industry, not only because we represent top athletes, but also because no one understands the college market better than we do in terms of creative marketing. »

Wiz Khalifa ends 2022 on a very positive note.