Consequence remembers Beanie Sigel saving Kanye West from a chain snatch

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In a recent interview, Consequence recalled that Beanie Sigel prevented Kanye West from having his chain stolen.

Consequence was invited for an interview on The Art of Dialogue. During the interview, the rapper spoke about the incident in New York between Ye and Beanie.

Consequence unpacked the New York incident from the beginning. “Ye hit me the same night in the situation with the girl,” Consequence began. “I think it could have been some chick named Sydney or some shit like that. He took her out. You know, n-gga one-two’ing. Listen, n-gga walking around with a Roc-A-Fella chain. You know what that shit does to your pussy rate? Pew, pew, pew! Let’s go !”

He then explained to Ye that the chain he was wearing made him exposed to many types of aggression. “I mean he had shit on Dame’s neck,” he continued. “Yeah, he had the shit out of Dame’s neck, he had the shit with the Cuban in the shit, the ice shone. N-ggas saw that man in there and was like, ‘Yo!’ N-ggas was at the Chelsea Diner on 23rd Street. N-ggas hit N-ggas with Raekwon and Ghostface’s goddamn skit. ‘Word? What do we have there? »

As if to confirm Beanie’s 2012 statements, Consequence spoke about his intervention. “ I was in Queens. I would have had to get on the train with the gun and all that shit. But luckily, Baseline [Just Blaze’s recording studio] wasn’t more than five blocks away. They came and held a n-gga. I always pissed niggas off for that shit. They don’t have to.”