Deejay Roze Don Expresses Frustration Over Lack of Recognition in Dancehall

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Deejay Roze Don, the rising star of dancehall, is feeling undervalued for his significant contributions to the genre. At just 24 years old, Roze Don gained prominence in 2021 and has since amassed a captivating catalog of songs that have found immense popularity on platforms like TikTok. Hits like “Little Bit,” “White Rum,” and “First Night” have gone viral, further cementing his presence in the music scene.

During his performance at the recently-concluded Reggae Sumfest, the Spanish Town native boldly declared, “Without me, dancehall nuh nice. Dem nuh give me the credit weh mi deserve. A we a the creator fi nuff things bout yah.” Clearly, Roze Don feels that he hasn’t received the acknowledgment he rightfully deserves for his innovative contributions to the genre.

When asked by social media personality Dutty Berry if he feels overlooked in the industry, Roze Don’s tone changed slightly. He responded, “Mi nuh feel overlooked still because at the end of the day, dem cya go round it. Yuh cya go a party and yuh nuh hear Roze Don, so, mi deh deh and mi a eat food and mi alright.” While he remains confident in his talent and impact, the issue of recognition seems to still linger in his mind.

As expected, online users have shared mixed reactions to Roze Don‘s sentiments. While some questioned the necessity of demanding credit, stating, “Real artist don’t have to beg for credit,” others showed support for the young artist’s rising success, stating, “TikTok and YouTube trending. It nah transcend in a di real world. Rate Roze Don still.”

Before his association with dance-imbuing songs, Roze Don’s music embodied the grit and grime of the old capital, evident in his breakout hit “Spain Town Badness.” Despite his unique style, which includes face tattoos and bleached skin, he has expressed a mission to bring happiness to new-age dancehall. Roze Don has collaborated with TikTok dancers like the Highflames crew, showcasing routines that have played a significant role in propelling his music across social media.

The young artist attributes his TikTok virality to his natural and authentic approach. He stated, “Mi woulda seh it natural. Just white rum mek mi just do a bag a tings, and it natural.”

In a previous interview with The STAR, Roze Don emphasized his desire to create music that resonates with both men and women. He aims to blend the enjoyment of dancehall’s past with a modern touch of happiness. “In my point of view, modern dancehall is missing the happiness like back then because some artists are emphasizing mostly on the wrong doings in society,” he expressed. While he acknowledges other artists with similar missions, he believes dancehall should be a space of joy, where people can forget their problems and enjoy life without regrets.