Stefflon Don Unleashes “Dat A Dat”, A Fiery Diss Track Aimed at Jada Kingdom

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Stefflon Don, the UK dancehall sensation, has escalated her musical feud with a fiery new release titled ‘Dat A Dat’, targeting fellow artist Jada Kingdom, whom she dubs “Twinky”. The track, which rides on the pulsating ‘Dutty Money Riddim’, comes just hours after Stefflon previewed a subliminal diss aimed at Twinkle.

Known for her hit ‘16 Shots’, Stefflon Don doesn’t pull any punches on ‘Dat A Dat’. The song is a direct response to Jada Kingdom, also known as the ‘Which Gyal’ singer. Stefflon Don throws sharp lyrical jabs, addressing Jada’s lifestyle and choices, despite Jada previously stating she’s unashamed of her life and relationships.

Among the standout lines, Stefflon Don asserts, “Top gyal neva sell p**sy yet… tell twinky seh a this mi a seh… Yuh too beggy beggy yuh nuh have ambition yuh a sell out yo body and a hype pan e gram.”

The track, released on January 8 on YouTube, quickly garnered significant attention, amassing over 80,000 views in just under 7 hours. ‘Dat A Dat’ is poised to make waves on the Jamaican YouTube trending chart, reflecting the intense rivalry and Stefflon’s prowess in dancehall music.