Drake campaigns for Twitch to reward Kai Cenat

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Kai Cenat has recently reached a record number of subscriptions on Twitch. Drake has expressed how he would find it fair to reward Kai for this milestone.

$50 million is the amount Drake thinks Twitch should pay Kai Cenat, who by the way has become the biggest streamer in the world. Cenat has crossed the 300K subscriber mark on Twitch. The announcement of this record number of subscriptions was made by DJ Akademiks. Drake took the opportunity to ask Twitch to reward the artist who attracted the most subscribers to their platform. 

Earlier this year, Kai Cenat saw his account banned before regaining its use. 

When Kai Cenat noticed that he had reached a record number of subscriptions, he did not hesitate to celebrate it. “ IT’S OFFICIAL, WE ARE THE MOST SUBSCRIBED STREAMER EVER, THIS TRIP HAS BEEN INCREDIBLE… HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH. »

Drake’s reaction is right in line with his fight for streaming platforms to reward streamers much better than the current practice of things.