Drake Responds to Kendrick Lamar Diss with Empowering Message

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Drake appears to have issued a response to Kendrick Lamar‘s recent diss, asserting his confidence and resilience in the face of criticism.

The tension between the two hip-hop heavyweights escalated when Kendrick Lamar took aim at Drake and J Cole on the track “Like That,” featured on Future and Metro Boomin‘s collaborative album We Don’t Trust You.

In the track, Lamar seemingly dismisses the notion of them being equals, stating, “Motherfuck the big three, n****, it’s just big me/ N****, bum, What? I’m really like that/And your best work is a light pack.” He further likened their rivalry to the ’80s conflict between Prince and Michael Jackson.

Drake, who had previously compared his chart success to that of Michael Jackson in his song “First Person Shooter,” now finds himself on the receiving end of Lamar’s rebuttal. However, during his ‘It’s All A Blur’ tour with J Cole, Drake addressed the situation in a manner befitting his stature.

“A lot of people asking me how I’m feeling… the way I’m feeling is the same way I want you to walk out of here feeling tonight about your fucking selves. You know the way I’m feeling? I got my head up high, my back straight, I’m feeling 10 feet fucking high,” he proclaimed to his audience.

Asserting his unwavering confidence, rapper encouraged his fans to embrace their own sense of empowerment and resilience. “No matter where I go, there’s not a n**** on this Earth that can fuck with me tonight. And that’s how I want y’all to feel… You can get yourselves gassed up, riled up and move to the future…Sometimes you’ve got to acknowledge the mistakes you’ve made in the past… and that’s what I want y’all to do.”

While tensions between Drake and Lamar continue to simmer, it’s evident that Drake remains steadfast in his self-assurance and determination to rise above the fray.

Drake’s album For All The Dogs received a mixed reception from critics, including a two-star review, which criticized it as “banger-less, bitter and deeply mid.”

Meanwhile, Kendrick Lamar recently lent his musical talents to the short film The Button for Chanel, showcasing his versatility and creative prowess beyond the realm of hip-hop.