From Prayers to the Pink Friday Stage: Pamputtae Opens Up About Her Surprise Gig with Nicki Minaj

From Prayers to the Pink Friday Stage: Pamputtae Opens Up About Her Surprise Gig with Nicki Minaj

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Dancehall queen Pamputtae‘s electrifying performance as Nicki Minaj‘s surprise opener for the Canadian leg of the Pink Friday 2 Tour wasn’t planned.

The “Ride It” artist recently revealed she wasn’t officially confirmed for the show, but that didn’t stop her from being prepared. With upcoming music videos and collaborations in the works, Pamputtae already had a Canadian gig booked. Armed with a vibrant pink outfit – a nod to Nicki’s Barbie brand – and unwavering determination, she took a leap of faith and packed it for the possibility of joining the tour.

Back in February, Nicki Minaj had expressed her desire to help Pamputtae secure a US visa to join the tour. While Pamputtae’s team reached out in April, they awaited word from the “Super Bass” rapper. Despite the lack of rehearsals, Pamputtae delivered a captivating performance that reportedly earned her high praise from Nicki Minaj.

In a recent interview with Winford Williams on Onstage TV, Pamputtae revealed a surprising detail – an extended post-show conversation with Nicki Minaj that lasted over two hours. Apparently, this isn’t typical for the busy rap queen. The conversation itself was even more unexpected. Nicki Minaj shared that she felt a spiritual calling to have Pamputtae open the show, at the very same moment Pamputtae and her team were sending prayers into the universe for that very opportunity.

“She said the spirit just told her, ‘No man, make Pamputtae open the show,'” Pamputtae recounted. “‘That’s the same time me, in the house, me and my team a pray… Meanwhile, me a pray a dem time deh, the spirit a tell she fi mek me work.'”

The experience left Pamputtae overwhelmed with gratitude. “Mi never know seh a so much love and ratings and respect Nicki have fi mi,” she expressed. Nicki Minaj reportedly offered sage advice, reminding Pamputtae to stay grounded and not let fame inflate her ego. She even went a step further, revealing that Pamputtae motivates her.

Catch the full interview with Pamputtae below: