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Jahshii Drops First Solo Single Of 2023

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Jamaican Dancehall artist Jahshii has released a new reflective and heartfelt track titled “God’s Plan.” Produced by Dominic ‘Troublemekka’ McDonald, the song was released on Friday, and it draws inspiration from both Jahshii and McDonald’s personal experiences. The lyrics detail the struggles the men have faced as they navigate success and life, dealing with fake friends, and tapping into spirituality in dangerous times. The track’s message is about following a divine path, similar to Jahshii’s previous hits “Born Fighter” and “Cream of the Crop.”

Jahshii’s recent decision to step back from the music scene and “lock in” for introspection is referenced in the song, making it feel like a personal track tailor-made for the artist. Troublemekka shared that he intentionally came up with the song’s idea to be special for Jahshii. When the Kingston-born producer played the track for the artist, he immediately knew it would connect with him on a different level. Jahshii, whose real name is Mluleki Tafari Clarke, agreed and began working on the song right away.

The video for “God’s Plan” was shot in Ocho Rios and directed by Shane Creative. It employs a surrealist technique to underscore the single’s message, adding to the overall impact of the track. The release of “God’s Plan” is Jahshii’s first solo single of 2023 and marks a significant moment for the artist as he continues to explore his personal and creative journey.