Reggae Star Jahmiel Set to Drop Inspirational New Album in March 2024

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Jahmiel, the acclaimed reggae artist, is poised to enrich the music landscape with his new album, scheduled for release in March 2024. This eagerly anticipated album will be the follow-up to his well-received sophomore effort, “Legend.”

Jahmiel shared insights into the upcoming project, revealing its uplifting and inspirational nature. “The theme of the album is inspirational, uplifting music. I wrote the songs, and most of the songs were produced by Germans from Big Ship, which are a mix of afrobeats and reggae. The tracks are a mix of romantic songs for girls and motivational songs,” he explained.

The album promises a blend of genres and themes, featuring collaborations with artists like Govanna and Charly Blacks. The project is being supported and partially produced by the international indie label Sweet Music Production.

His previous album, “Legend,” released through Sweet Music on April 15, showcased collaborations with Masicka, Stonebwoy, Vershon, and Bugle. Jahmiel proudly noted the success of this album, particularly its streaming achievements: “The songs, especially ‘Legend,’ did very well, streaming millions of views on Spotify.”

Jahmiel first made waves in the reggae scene with his debut album “Great Man,” which peaked at No. 6 on the Reggae chart in 2019.

Recently, Jahmiel delivered an electrifying performance at the Bhim concert in Accra, Ghana, captivating nearly 30,000 fans. His performance of “Better Tomorrow” became a viral sensation on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, with the audience enthusiastically singing along. He also received major acclaim for his renditions of “Strongest Soldier,” “U Mi Love,” “Story of My Life,” and “Legend,” his collaboration with Masicka.

Beyond the concert stage, Jahmiel has been actively touring, with recent shows in Dominica, Trinidad, and The Bahamas. Looking forward, his schedule includes a European tour in Summer 2024, an appearance at the Nigeria Festival in Niger, and a performance at the Sweet Music music festival set for May 2024. Fans of Jahmiel and reggae music alike can look forward to a year filled with new music and dynamic live performances.