Joe Yorke’s New Reggae Album Is Stunning

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The native of Manchester, a protean artist with an astonishing high-pitched voice, revives the reggae genre with a motto, “pushing back musical boundaries”.

For his first and remarkable album, “Noise and Emptiness,” Manchester-based artist Joe Yorke wanted to play on contrasts by drawing inspiration from two legends of the reggae-dub scene: Lee “Scratch” Perry, for his use of extra-musical noises and effects; and the Berlin duo Rhythm and Sound, craftsmen of dub techno. The result is stunning. On this new release, we found the influence of the great Jamaican and British reggae studios, emerging through eleven top-notch tracks, a sonic identity that completely revives the genre.

“My dad is an amazing violinist, my sister has a great voice, a cousin of mine is a fantastic jazz saxophonist and another is a sound engineer and sound system member. “If he grew up in a family mainly focused on British and Irish folk, Joe Yorke first began by listening to a lot of punk music. In particular, The Clash, which gave him a political conscience and oriented him towards reggae which he discovered at the age of 13 at the Notting Hill carnival in London: “A magical moment. Since then, my love for this music has never left me.”

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