Judge Holder Sentences Nipsey Hussle’s Murderer To 60 Years In prison

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The death of the artist in March 2019, at the age of 33, had deeply moved the entire nation and urban culture. After the tragedy, many celebrities, artists, and stars had paid tribute to him.

Eric Holder Jr, the murderer of Nipsey Hussle, was a criminal and a gang member who shot the rapper at close range in LA back in 2019. He was finally sentenced this week to 60 years in prison. During the trial, he confessed to having killed Nipsey Hussle, at the time one of the most important American rappers. During the trial, he claimed that the crime was not premeditated. 

However, judges didn’t accept his version during his trial. Judge Holder sentenced him to a 25 years sentence for the murder, with an additional 25 years for the use of firearms. An additional ten years for shooting and wounding two other men who were nearby at the time of the murder was also taken into account.

From Stevie Wonder to Snoop Dogg, to former President Barack Obama had paid a tribute to the death of the artist. In 2020, Nipsey Hussle was posthumously awarded two Grammy Awards for the tracks “Racks in the Middle” and “Higher.”