Sean Paul

Sean Paul Highlights Dancehall’s Success in the US: “I’m Selling Out Arenas”

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Dancehall icon Sean Paul is concluding the US leg of his “Greatest Tour”, and the consistent sold-out shows are a testament to the genre’s enduring popularity. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Paul emphasized the vibrant energy at his concerts. “Our shows have amazing energy,” he said. “This proves that despite what people say about Dancehall’s acceptance in the US, I’m still selling out arenas, and the fans continue to love it. Dancehall has paved the way for other genres like reggaeton and Afrobeats, and true music enthusiasts recognize our influence.”

Proud of Dancehall’s global impact, Paul stated, “I need to highlight how strong and influential Dancehall remains in the international market. Many artists still incorporate our distinctive beats, and that’s something I’m incredibly proud of.” Reflecting on his longevity, he added, “People might see me as a veteran in the industry, but I’m still performing with the energy of a young artist.”

Sean Paul’s impact is significant, with 19 charting songs since 2003. One of his standout hits is “Baby Boy”, a collaboration with Beyoncé that dominated the chart for nine weeks. Paul reminisced about the unique moment he experienced while writing his verse for the song. “I was creating my part of the song at home, under a mango tree. As I was writing, a mango fell from the tree straight through my car window into my lap. I thought, ‘This must be a sign that this song is something special,’” he shared.

The success of “Baby Boy” was a defining moment for both artists and highlighted Dancehall’s growing influence in mainstream music. “I felt immense pride that she chose a Dancehall track,” Paul noted. “At that time, I was collaborating with artists like Busta Rhymes and Blu Cantrell, but those were more hip-hop-focused. Beyoncé’s choice to use a Dancehall beat for her solo project made me feel that the genre was gaining its rightful place in the music industry.”

Paul also pointed out that Beyoncé’s background made their collaboration feel natural. “Growing up in Texas, she was exposed to a lot of Dancehall, so it made perfect sense. It was a historical moment for both of us,” he said.

Looking ahead, Sean Paul has a dream collaboration in mind. “I’ve been saying for years, Alicia Keys, please reach out to me,” he said with a laugh. He mentioned that Swizz Beatz once approached him about a reggae collaboration with Keys, but the project didn’t come to fruition. “Swizz contacted me for a reggae collab, and when I responded, I didn’t hear back. Maybe they got busy or changed their minds. Regardless, I have immense respect for her talent. I believe we could create an amazing track together, whether it’s a smooth reggae vibe, hip-hop, or R&B.”

Sean Paul’s achievements and ongoing success demonstrate the enduring appeal and resilience of Dancehall music, reinforcing its significant place in the global music scene. His ability to fill arenas and maintain a dynamic performance level underscores the genre’s powerful connection with audiences.