Shayy Soprano

Shayy Soprano: Redefining the Dancehall Narrative with “El Numero Uno”

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Brooklyn’s own Shayy Soprano is making waves in the dancehall scene with her latest single, “El Numero Uno,” drawing inspiration from the captivating world of telenovellas.

Released on February 16, the track, produced by Sly Dunbar, Stephen Lenky Marsden, and Rorey Baker, takes listeners on a journey through the allure of being number one. Drawing parallels to the dynamic characters of the popular telenovela “El Señor De Los Cielos,” Shayy Soprano infuses her lyrics with the same fierce independence and unwavering determination as Monica Robles, the series’ iconic leading lady.

In her own words, Shayy explains, “El Numero Uno means number one in Spanish and this song is all about being number one. My inspiration behind it is the Telenovela ‘El Señor De Los Cielos’ series which follows the life of Aurelio Casillas and Mónica Robles, his ride or die and an independent bad gyal.”

The track showcases Shayy Soprano’s unique blend of fiery vocals and infectious rhythms, earning praise from fans and collaborators alike. Reflecting on the creative process, Shayy expresses her gratitude towards her producers and videographer for bringing her vision to life.

“So far everyone is pleased with the song and with my producers Sly Dunbar, Lenky Marsden & Rorey Baker. They did an amazing job building the riddim around my lyrics and my videographer Yolkis Cabrera who brought my vision to life with him being a Latino videographer, he knew how to execute my vision,” she said.

With roots tracing back to Jamaican heritage and a deep connection to New York, Shayy Soprano bridges cultural influences seamlessly in her music. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music & Business Administration from York College and an Associate Degree in Theatre from Laguardia Community College, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her craft.

Having launched her recording career in 2021, Shayy Soprano has been steadily making her mark in the industry, with plans for future performances both in Jamaica and stateside.

“Right now I’m looking forward to Sumfest and I’m going to be going back in the lab with Rorey Baker so we have hits coming your way and eventually an EP,” she shared, hinting at exciting developments on the horizon.

With “El Numero Uno,” Shayy Soprano proves herself as a force to be reckoned with in the dancehall landscape, offering a fresh perspective and dynamic energy that captivates audiences worldwide. As she continues to carve her path in the industry, her unwavering passion and dedication promise an exciting journey ahead.