Tisha Campbell revealed That she held A Thanksgiving dinner for 2PAC 

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Tisha revealed this anecdote during her interview on The Breakfast Club.

On Power 105.1, Tisha Campbell released some extraordinary information. During her talk with Yvette Nicole Brown and Kym Whitley, Tisha Campbell was invited for the promotion of the show Act Your Age. It was when talking about the importance of knowing how to live in the present moment that Tisha mentioned the anecdote involving 2PAC

Tisha wanted to show that it was a discussion with her friend Berkley that led her to realize that she was still sometimes living in the past. “It was a friend of mine named Berkley, and he had made me more conscious of living in the moment because I would say random stuff like, ‘Oh yeah, when I made Thanksgiving dinner for Tupac.’ And he was like, ‘You can’t just say you made Thanksgiving dinner for Tupac!’ And I was like, ‘Oh, that’s not normal?’”

The revelation came as a surprise to many due to 2PAC’s enormous influence in the hip-hop world at the time. Tisha continued with the aim of clarifying the circumstances of this Thanksgiving dinner. “It was just, like, me, Duane [Martin], and he came over… It was a bunch of us. I used to have really big parties. Now, my parties are like two, three people. I used to cook a lot and so people would just come over… I cooked for like 30 people every single time.”