Valiant Takes a Musical Intermission with "Love Problem"

Valiant Takes a Musical Intermission with “Love Problem” Music Video

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Dancehall artist Valiant has pressed pause on the lyrical clash with fellow dancehall artist Teejay, choosing instead to drop a compelling new single titled “Love Problem,” a track that sheds light on his romantic escapades.

Infusing a unique blend of melodies and insightful lyrics, Valiant delivers a potent message about the intricacies of love and relationships.

“Love Problem” not only showcases Valiant’s musical prowess but also provides a window into his perspectives on love affairs. The song initiates a profound exploration of human emotions, addressing the challenges and hurdles encountered while navigating through diverse romantic entanglements.

Through his music, Valiant boldly confronts his own promiscuity, inviting listeners to contemplate their own experiences and attitudes toward relationships.

While acknowledging his ‘wild’ lifestyle, Valiant encourages his female partner to embrace the reality. As he articulates in his lyrics, “Stop search up me phone, stop worry bout which gyal live inna me home, just waa live inna yuh hole, gyal open yuh throat mek me spit inna yuh throat a so we live waa e code.”

Produced by Bell Bell Entertainment, Pharmacy Records, Dun Yuh Money Family Records, and Diplomats Records, and mixed and mastered by Sasaine Music, ‘Love Problem’ sets the stage for a rhythmic exploration of love’s complexities.

Accompanied by a music video, the visual narrative portrays a sensual encounter between Valiant and a female counterpart clad in a revealing two-piece. Amid the allure of the video, Valiant endeavors to convince his partner not to scrutinize his phone or worry about his numerous amorous affairs.

In the artist’s words, “She seh the 14 parish done know me a whore, do nuh lego baby hold on, who me a f**k me nevin know dawg, everyday yuh tell me bout yuh soon gone.”

Watch the captivating music video here: