Yelawolf feels Gratitude For Shaquille O’Neal’s Support Early In his Career

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Shaquille O’Neal gave Yelawolf valuable advice early in his career.

Shaq shared a post during the All Star Weekend. In his post, there was the soundtrack “Pop The Trunk” by Yelawolf. This nod to Yelawolf was well appreciated by the latter. He was quick to share the post as well, on Sunday, as a tribute.

For Yelawolf, Shaquille O’Neal has played a major role in his debuting career. Playing his track was only one of the many gestures that Shaq made towards him. “Honored to say @shaq has been one of my biggest and most important personal supporters,” Yela wrote. “ He got me (and I mean well done) to meet me at a club in ATL years ago, when TrunkMuzik had just come out…and he was like, ‘Wolf, you’re going to have a lot of haters…but don’t ever stop freaking out!’… it was surreal. »

Yelawolf went on to show Shaquille’s impact on him. “SHAQ has a kingly presence, not to mention the fact that he gave me great homie advice… It always stuck with me… and I didn’t even mention it until today… I love SHAQ… thanks for this moment and thanks for this GNG post! !… Even if I forget from time to time how it all started! !… POP THE TRUNK »