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Breaking Boundaries with HAYZ: A Journey Through Genres and Cities in “One Time Lover”

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In an industry where blending genres is both an art and a science, musical artist HAYZ stands out with his latest track, “One Time Lover.” Seamlessly merging hip-hop, R&B, and pop, he creates a sound that’s both fresh and familiar. In this exclusive interview, HAYZ delves into the creative process behind this unique fusion, the inspirations from his nomadic life across North America, and how his personal experiences shape his music. Let’s uncover the layers of “One Time Lover,” exploring its thematic depths and the journey of its creation.

  1. One Time Lover” presents a blend of hip-hop, R&B, and pop. Can you share your process of blending these genres to create your unique sound?

The hip hop elements are the 808’s on the second beat drop with a light snare sitting on top of the clap. The R&B would be the way I sang it, but the pop would be the bass line and the chord progression. Honestly, I don’t have a process of blending these genres together. It’s just within me, and when I create, it comes together as such. I just let people view it however they’d like.

  1. The lyrics of “One Time Lover” talk about a fleeting romance turned unexpected. What inspired you to explore this theme in your music?

The song is about daily life for a lot of musicians who travel for their art. Different cities have different people they can meet, and sometimes you can have a one time lover, but the twist of the song is that it isn’t actually a one time lover. Truthfully, I just wrote this song with no intention of it turning out a certain way; I just spoke a bit of reality. I was, of course, inspired by Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

  1. You’ve moved across several cities, like Vancouver, Toronto, and Los Angeles. How have these diverse urban landscapes influenced the sound and style of “One Time Lover”?

I find it interesting how we as humans can be spread across the globe, and each city has its own culture, style, ways of speaking, food, etc. Who you’ll meet in Toronto will be different from who you’ll meet in Houston, and so on. I spoke of a girl from Los Angeles, as I’ve spent a lot of time in that city, and as big as the city is, sometimes, even then, it can be hard to avoid that person when you’re in the same industry.

  1. You mentioned that your creative process thrives on solitude and emotion. Can you describe how these elements played a role in the creation of “One Time Lover”?

When I tell a story, I try to dive deep into the situation that has me telling the story and bring emotion into the record, so what I say feels like it was genuine.

  1. Growing up with challenges and overcoming them has been a significant part of your journey. How do these experiences reflect in the lyrics and mood of “One Time Lover”?

They don’t. This song is a fairy tale story, which is true for a lot of artists, about meeting a girl, spending a night of romance with her, and having to leave, not knowing she is about to be the mother of their child. Kind of like when MJ said, “The kid is not my son” in Billie Jean.

  1. Being an outcast and standing up for the underdog are themes close to your heart. How do you incorporate these aspects into your music, particularly in “One Time Lover”?

I always have that underdog/motivational aspect to my records. “Just because you’re living don’t mean you’re alive, I shoot for the stars and end up so high”

  1. Artists like Drake and J. Cole, whom you admire, are known for their storytelling. How do they influence the way you tell stories in your songs like “One Time Lover”?

Being vulnerable. Hearing their music reminds me of how much they put their heart on their sleeves, and people resonate with that, especially me. I try to be personable and real in the records.

  1. Your journey from journaling to producing your own beats is remarkable. How has this evolution shaped your approach to music, especially in tracks like “One Time Lover”?

It gives me the ability to make a sound I hear in my head come to life, and only I can do that. Kind of like, if you have a dream, you can try and describe it to others, but only you know what it looks and feels like accurately.

  1. Looking at your previous work, particularly the ‘Nothin 2 Somethin’ LP, how do you see “One Time Lover” fitting into your narrative of overcoming difficulties?

All of my projects have a different feel to them. I don’t like staying on the same topics or repeating them. Anything new, like One Time Lover, has a whole different vibe, and it wasn’t intended to overcome difficulties. Any new project or record after “One Time Lover” will be unique.

  1. Finally, what do you hope listeners take away from “One Time Lover” in terms of the message or feeling?

It’s a lesson to be careful who you’re having a one night with, because she might just be your baby mother lol. All jokes aside, I was paying homage to living legends like Stevie Wonder and bringing back a sound in a modern way to the new era of music listeners so they can appreciate what I love and those who paved the way for us.

It’s exciting to see how your experiences have shaped your music, Hayz. Your dedication to your craft and your ability to turn challenges into artistic expression are truly commendable. We look forward to seeing where your musical journey takes you next. Thank you for sharing your insights with us today.