Power Unveils the Heartbeat of “One Love”: A Candid Interview

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Power has exploded onto the music scene with his eagerly awaited debut album, One Love. A sonic journey of 23 meticulously crafted tracks, the release features hit singles such as “Is It True,” “Hook Up,” “Play With Me,” and “You’re The One,” providing listeners with a profound experience of the artist’s evolution. This groundbreaking album not only marks the advent of a new genre, coined as “Hip Pop” and “Rap & B” but also serves as a transformative wave in the realms of music, film, and art.

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Power to unravel the depths of his creative process, the transformative journey that shaped One Love, and the profound messages he seeks to share with the world.

Good to have you with us, Power! We’ve been vibing to your tracks and feeling the energy you’re putting out there.

1. One Love is straight fire! Can you take us back to the moment you decided to dive deep into your essence for 9 months and create this 23-track journey? What sparked that initial flame and how did it shape the album?

Definitely…I decided to take this journey on when I had an epiphany; mainstream music and culture overall needed a message, one that resonated with the ever-changing evolution of the times that we are currently in. This being the message of unconditional love for ourselves and one another. I realized that there was so much turmoil, hatred, animosity, and division going on in the world, and it was time to come together; it was time to harmonize and make peace with our judgments, opinions, and differences of one another.

There is nothing like the unifying bond of uplifting, high-vibrational music to spark and uplift and unite our souls together! That was the essence underneath the underlying framework of why I began this 9-month journey, and why I stayed on this path and put all my blood, sweat, tears, and soul into it!

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2. From “You’re The One” to “Without You,” your lyrics have always hit deep. How have your life experiences and battles over the last months transformed your wordplay and storytelling?

I have always been an articulate, thorough well-spoken individual, but I strongly felt this type of artistry was missing from mainstream music BIGTIME! If you listen to all the top Spotify rap playlists and top charting hits, you will predominantly come to see that there is the same overarching theme and subject matter in most songs, and a lot of the style is the same, lyric and wordplay-wise.

The only artist that I can relate to and strongly feel has deep authentic lyrics is Drake, whom I see many correlations and connections with in terms of our songwriting. We may sound distinctly different, but we write with our heart on our sleeve and how we truly feel at the time, and not just for the sake of what is hot and cool and trending at the time…we both pour our raw emotions and thoughts onto the track and just let it flow, baby. I decided that if I was ever going to release music, that my tracks would stand out because I would go as deep as I possibly artistically could with my raw emotions and thoughts, and I would be vulnerable and transparent with my art.


My life experiences and battles over the past few months (and the year alone, I would say) have strongly transformed my wordplay and storytelling because I realize how much of an influence, impact, and inspiration music is on people. Words are everything, and we must learn to choose them wisely, for the greatest and highest good for all. This is not just music, this is a vehicle to deliver a message and create an emotional atmosphere within a human being, for better or for worse, so I take that as a great undertaking and view this as a serious responsibility.

3. Tracks like “Wasabi” and “Wavy Wavy” showcase a whole new sound from you. How did you find the balance between dropping knowledge and keeping the energy high, ensuring every track resonates with your diverse audience?

Every day is different, energetically speaking…we all go through highs and lows, we all at times can be very serious or extremely child-like, silly, and playful. As human beings, we experience diverse ranges of experiences in the emotional spectrum, and I made sure this album provided the closest thing to that, being the fullest experience in terms of the human journey, day-to-day, and the emotional roller coasters and experiences we go through in the chapters of our life books.

Life is not just one dimension; we are multidimensional beings. I made sure this album delivered a balance of highly conscious tracks like “Wavy Wavy” and high-vibrational turn-up tracks like “Wasabi.” I’ve been writing songs forever (for 9 years professionally now), so my pen game is razor-sharp! Dropping knowledge and making it sonically/musically tasteful comes relatively easy to me…you know what they say…practice makes perfect, baby!


4. “Go Hard” and “Fire” are like anthems for the streets. Can you talk about how your environment and the daily grind influenced the raw energy in these tracks?

I’ve been through a lot of shit in my life; a lot of pain and suffering, but that was the fire that forged the sword, you feel me?! When I get on that raw energy tip and the passion starts pouring out of me, man, the flames are already in my blood from all the trials and tribulations I’ve endured and persevered through, so when I get some raw energy beats like “Go Hard” and “Fire,” I can really flamethrow bars over those tracks!

All I have to do is tap into that thunder and lightning formed within my DNA…they don’t call me POWER for nothing! I grew up in the streets and was consistently in harsh environments, so I decided to take all that negativity and transmute it into something positive and rather use it to inspire others through all of my artistic creations. You get to a point in life where it stops becoming “the daily grind”…this only happens when you come to know who you truly are and what you came to do on this planet.

When you truly understand the term “KNOW THYSELF,” you will know that you came with your own unique purpose and mission to complete in this lifetime. When you know you’re living your Purpose, you will naturally bring out your God-given talent like you hear on “Go Hard” and “Fire,” and you’ll become an alchemist, turning your own living hells into pure heavenly realms, and turning harsh negative environments like the streets into more positive ones, finding a way to use these influences to uplift and inspire yourself and others, and that’s exactly what I did on this entire album One Love.

5. You’ve effortlessly blended various genres and styles in One Love. How do you feel this innovative sound will influence the future of hip-hop, and what do you want upcoming artists to take from your work?

It simply came down to this… hip hop and R&B and music (for the most part) sounded the same; 90% of all music from these genres was played out and had no depth to it, so I decided to pioneer my own unique sound, style, and genre of music that is now coined “Hip Pop” and “Rap & B.”

I decided to set my own trend and blaze my own trail… This is just the beginning of an entire evolution of artists on the planet who are deeply desiring to create something different. All of my music will inspire artists to stick to their own unique authentic styles and sounds, and to their ultimate Purpose and vision; I proved the concept that you can be different, you can be your true authentic self with your creations, and you can have immense commercial worldwide success just like me.

This will definitely influence and help other artists realize that they don’t have to fake the funk and compromise their creativity to sound and be like what is already popular or currently trending and being consumed by the masses and that they can create their lane, and then they can claim their signature style earning them fortune and fame.

I’ve never really been one to follow the crowd; I always did my own thing and stuck to my vision and kept it 100. I know that my mainstream entertainment career will inspire millions, if not billions of people to be themselves and not be afraid to speak their true authentic voice and put their unique personal spin on their creativity…that’s part of my Purpose and what I came here to do, baby, to uplift and inspire and ignite that flame within others!


6. “Higher” reminds us that happiness transcends material wealth. Can you talk about your own journey to this realization and how you’ve woven these philosophical insights into your music?

I have lived 100 different lives in this short time on this planet; one thing that I did unfortunately get caught up in was being sold this illusion that money was the key to happiness and that it would be the only thing to bring happiness and fulfillment in one’s life. MAN WAS I WRONG!! Shiny object syndrome wears off real quick, you feel me? Now, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying; there is nothing wrong with having nice things and aspiring to attain them; I like luxurious living and finely crafted creations as well (cars, homes, clothing, etc.)

Where I went wrong was giving 110% of my time, focus, and energy towards the endless pursuit of making money, and putting that above all other things, including people. I was more focused on my outer materialistic world, rather than my spiritual energetic world that needed tending to… There is this consciousness on the planet that has a lot of people brainwashed, thinking that we are better than others, and that we can compare one another by the measure of how much wealth we have. True gold can only be found within, that being the heart and soul of a human being, not worthless paper with numbers written on it.

I’ve been financially successful before this entertainment career took off, and I realized that the novelty of material objects wears off real quick! I would buy an ultra-expensive car, and then the very next week, it was like nothing happened. I would get the finest clothing and jewelry, and then a few days later, I felt the exact same as I did before I bought and wore them. I started to realize there was this big gaping hole within me, I realized this was MY SOUL CRYING FOR FULFILLMENT.

You see, you can have all the riches in the world, but if you’re truly woke and are truly in tune with your higher self, you will begin to realize that unconditional love is what truly brings happiness. This means that the small everyday occurrences that bring happiness are actually free, like making someone feel good by intention, smiling at a stranger, giving a compliment to someone that makes their day; all these things are free, and so I realized that true fulfillment comes from the intangibles like knowing you gave your best, or setting and achieving a goal that benefits everyone, not just yourself…that is the true path to fulfillment and happiness.

This all comes to those who come to know the truth of life, that our time here is limited, and we can’t take our material objects with us when we pass on, so why spend all of our time and energy chasing money and material things? It’s an exhausting, never-ending mirage of illusions that has plagued humanity for eons, and I started to see and feel the absolute absurdity behind it.

We came to live our purpose, to make a positive impact and a difference on the planet and in one another’s lives, to be of service to one another, for we are all one. Love is eternal, undying, and will forever be free…so live your life to the fullest by letting your light shine and spreading unconditional love to everyone, baby!


7. How did managing diverse aspects of the creation process influence the final sound of the album, and what challenges and triumphs did you encounter along the way? Was there a particular vibe or energy you were channeling in the studio?

I would have to say that everything came effortlessly; I am a firm believer in the universe and that everything happens for a reason. When I look back at the creation of this album, I realize that I was just the conduit, the messenger, and vessel that the universe was speaking through. I didn’t have to think about it at all; everything just naturally flowed out of me, and above all else, each track created just felt right, you feel me? It wasn’t so much a thinking and management game; it was a feeling process of what felt right or what I felt needed to be heard and spoken to the world.

Like anything in life, anything worthwhile comes with its own set of challenges and tests, and this entire project for the creation of the album One Love was no different, as it came with its own unique and fair share of obstacles. But where all the growth occurs, and that’s where all the magic starts to happen, when you stay resilient and persevere and push through anything that comes along your path; remaining poised, steadfast serene is a superpower like no other! But the universe sets all these scenarios up so that you grow into the version of yourself required for you to fulfill your purpose and move on to the next step up the staircase or onto the next chapter in your life book, and that’s exactly what happened here.

The massively successful release and receival of this project was the ultimate triumph, knowing that I saw the successful completion and successful commercial release all the way through. Above and beyond that, the ultimate triumph would have to be the fact that I know that I am truly making a positive impact in other people’s lives and uplifting their spirits, and inspiring them with more fuel for them to persevere and triumph through their own trials and tribulations in life, by sharing my life’s story with them.

Yes, there was a specific energy and vibration I was channeling in the studio all through when creating this album, from start till finish, and that energy was the highest vibration of them all….”UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR ALL BABY!”