Chris Rock mocks Will Smith Again

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Chris Rock surfed the wave of the slap he received from Will Smith during the Oscars ceremony.The Oscars night has passed, but when mention is made of this event, it is impossible not to think about the slapping incident. As it began to gradually fade from his memory, Chris Rock brought the event back to the surface. He did it during a comedy show on Netflix. Airing on March 4, the show saw Chris Rock making fun of Will Smith. He used an interview of Will with his wife as well as the famous slap.

Rock started off by recalling what happened. “ You all know what happened… Suge Smith [slapped me] ”, said the Hollywood star. “Everybody knows it, everybody fucking knows it. I got slapped at the fucking Oscars by that motherfucker. And people are like “does it hurt?” It always hurts. I often have that ringing in my fucking eardrums. But I’m not a victim, you’ll never see me on Oprah or Gayle crying, like, “I couldn’t believe it and I love Men in Black.” No, it will never happen… But Will Smith practices selective outrage because everyone who knows what happened, everyone who really knows, knows that I had nothing to do with this s* *t. I didn’t have any hassles. His wife was fucking his son’s friend. »

Afterwards, Chris went on to address the couple’s interview. “Normally I wouldn’t talk about this shit,” said Chris Rock. “But for some reason these n***as put this shit on the internet. I don’t know why two talented people would do something so low. What is this mess ? We’ve all been deceived, everyone here has been deceived. None of us have been interviewed by the person who cheated on them on TV, like, “Hey, I sucked someone else’s dick, how did you feel?”. Why would you do this bullshit? »

Many posts on Twitter condemned the behavior of the Hollywood star.