Lizzo Shares Her Views On ‘Cancel Culture’

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Lizzo expressed her opinion regarding Cancel Culture on social media.

Sunday night saw Lizzo step up as the spokesperson for marginalized people. The curvy singer took to Twitter to speak out on “Cancel Culture”. For her, it is an outrage to most marginalized people in society. Her explanation was that outrage has become “fashionable, misused and misdirected.” She very much wants real issues to be addressed instead.

Lizzo’s reactions might cause many to react. Her Tweet is quite deep and it’s obvious that she won’t stop there. “It may be a random moment to say this, but it is on my heart. The cancel culture is an appropriation. There was real outrage from really marginalized people and now it’s become fashionable, misused and misdirected. I hope we can get out of this gradually and focus our outrage on the real issues. »

It is not a new fact to see Lizzo questioning certain realities. While it is true that Lizzo asks herself many questions, the search for answers does not prevent her from focusing on her musical career. She worked on the deluxe version of SZA’s SOS album. It was even SZA who spoke about her experience working with the singer. She had testified during an interview with Rolling Stone that working with Lizzo was fun.