Griff Galexxzee Introduces His Latest "New Style": An Exclusive Interview

Griff Galexxzee Introduces His Latest “New Style”: An Exclusive Interview

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Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Canadian R&B sensation Griff Galexxzee, who has just released his latest single, New Style.” With a career spanning over 15 years and a unique blend of Toronto and Ghanaian influences, Griff continues to make waves in the hip-hop scene with his distinctive voice and dynamic sound. Born and raised in Toronto, Griff Galexxzee ‘s musical journey began in his brother’s basement, where he found solace in writing lyrics after the passing of his mother in 2009, a pivotal moment that fueled his dedication to music. Influenced by a musically rich upbringing, he draws inspiration from a diverse range of genres, shaping his versatile approach as an artist.

Rast Sounds: Can you tell us more about the creative process behind “New Style”?

Griff Galexxzee: The whole creative process of the song came together in a matter of 3 minutes.  It started with the melody, and then lyrics came in afterwards. Normally, I write songs about personal experiences and everything else, but I wanted to explore doing a feel-good song about embracing confidence, and I find modeling and fashion to embody this.

Rast Sounds: You mentioned wanting to encourage women to embrace their true selves through this track. Why was this theme important for you to explore in your music?

Griff Galexxzee: There are a number of reasons for wanting to embrace women, including empowering them and being comfortable in your own skin. The first one, my mom, was a woman of confidence and strength. The other one is that I have a lot of nieces who are young and still discovering their true selves. It was important for me to get this theme across all platforms, as a lot of women face challenges with low self-esteem, and this song is an anthem to feel good about yourself.

Rast Sounds: Growing up in a musically inclined family must have been inspiring. How did the diverse musical tastes in your household influence your style as an artist?

Griff Galexxzee: Growing up in a diverse musical household has helped me keep an open mind when it comes to exploring different styles and sounds as a musician. It has influenced me heavily to be a multi-genre artist since I love music from all genres and never have a closed mind in terms of creating musically.

Rast Sounds: Given your eclectic musical upbringing, how do you decide on the direction and genre for each new project or single you create?

Griff Galexxzee: Since I have been exposed to a lot of genres and am a big fan of music in general, if I hear a song, for example, a rock song or a hip-hop song, I would be inclined to create a song and go in that direction just by being inspired by what I heard. It also depends on the mood I am feeling, as I love to be diverse in my music and challenge myself every day in genres I may not create often.

Rast Sounds: Your album, Facts Over Feelings, was quite successful, especially during the challenging pandemic period. What do you think contributed to its success?

Griff Galexxzee: During the pandemic, it was a hard time for everyone! It was like the whole world was going through the same exact thing. During this period, it helped me to take time to reflect and have more time to create something I feel is some of my best work. It was an album that I felt was relatable, as facts are things you can’t change and feelings are things you can. I used that negative time to make something positive out of it, and it ended up being my first debut and most successful album.

Rast Sounds: You’ve worked with a variety of artists from different backgrounds. What do you enjoy most about collaborating with other musicians?

Griff Galexxzee: The beautiful thing about collaborating with artists with different backgrounds is that it challenges me to be more creative and find a style that caters to their sound. It also gives the sound another dynamic, which I truly enjoy most when collaborating.

Rast Sounds: Looking back at your career so far, what moments stand out as the most significant or defining for you?

Griff Galexxzee: I have many moments that stand out to me in my career, but the one thing that I would say stood out to me the most was the first time one of my songs titled “You Right” charted on the iTunes charting platform. I was ranked 12th with major industry artists. It gave me the confidence that I was on the right path to make music a career path.

Rast Sounds: Finally, for those who are new to your music, how would you describe Griff Galaxxzee’s “New Style”?

Griff Galexxzee: I would describe my song “New Style” as a feel-good song with an upbeat tempo and a cool melody that would stick in your head.

“New Style” not only showcases Griff Galexxzee‘s musical evolution but also delivers an empowering message of self-confidence and authenticity. As he continues to expand his artistic horizons, Griff invites listeners old and new to experience his infectious melodies and uplifting lyrics.