Kid Cudi announces new album and tour

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Kid Cudi is working on a new album and will be going on a world tour.

Kid Cudi announced on Twitter that he will be releasing a project in the fall. The announcement was made on Monday, February 27. The first single from this new project will be available to the public as soon as this summer. “Album this fall. First singles this summer. The new chapter has begun”, wrote Cudi. “You are not prepared, man. We have reached a new level. »

The announcement made fans happy and one of them asked if the new album will be touring. Kid Cudi responded positively by announcing a tour for 2024. “World tour next year. Count on it.”

The next album is a logical follow-up to Man on the Moon III: The Chosen of 2020. The artist also said that it would probably be his last album. This is understandable since there is only one project left on the man on the Moon’s contract with Republic Records. “I’m doing one more album and then I’m done with my contract and I’m not sure what I’ll do after that, but yeah, one more,” the Cleveland native wrote on Twitter last November. “It won’t be next year. I’ll keep you informed. »