Picture of Yang-Baby Mercedes Benz

Premiere: Yang-Baby & Lebig Ride High On Power, Passion, And “Mercedes Benz”

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Emerging as a prominent figure in the hip hop scene, Yang-Baby Boloman Derkaiser, aka Cedric Gneno Banini, continues to reach new heights with his recent single “Mercedes Benz.” Together with his trusted partner and long-time collaborator, Lebig, the rap artist introduces a banger that stands out with its pulsating rhythms and captivating verses. This exceptional track not only showcases his unrivaled skills but also exemplifies a determination to surpass all obstacles in his path and come out as the absolute best.

Originating from a humble neighborhood, Derkaiser strives to uplift his community, inspiring its members to embrace their fullest potential and become the finest versions of themselves. Yang-Baby’s hard-hitting bars set ablaze a fire of grit in all who vibe with the flow, “24 In the night, Oui, Mercedes Benz/ You can’t catch me when my ride spins, Mercedes Benz/ 24 In the night, Oui, Mercedes Benz/ Ride with us, Better ride with us/ Skrt, Rum, Rum/ In my mercedes Benz, Rum/ In my mercedes Benz, Rum rum/ In my mercedes Benz, Rum/ Ride with us, Better ride with us, Skrt/ 24 Hours in my mercedes Benz.”

Derkaiser infuses the single with his signature style, embodying the irresistible allure associated with the Mercedes Benz, establishing his street supremacy while whisking listeners away to a realm of celebration. The song serves as a tribute to the charismatic and prestigious essence embodied by the car, reflecting its association with success, unwavering confidence, and a lifestyle characterized by opulence.

With an enthralling repertoire that includes releases like “Mercedes Benz” and “Mami Dance,” Derkaiser is getting ready to drop his long-awaited album, leaving fans in eager anticipation. In addition to an extraordinary collection of upcoming singles, among which are “Nono” and “Mambo”, Yang-Baby has mapped out an extensive European tour to promote the record, ensuring an unforgettable musical experience for his devoted followers.

Listen to “Mercedes Benz” below: