Sanchez Releases Soul-Stirring Single “Still Here”

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Reggae legend Sanchez ignites the airwaves with his latest offering, “Still Here,” a poignant testament to resilience and enduring talent. Produced by RawVue Music, this track represents a seamless fusion of Sanchez’s distinctive vocals and intricate musical arrangements, captivating audiences worldwide.

Having been honored with Jamaica’s esteemed Music Icon Award, Sanchez’s influence in the reggae scene is undeniable. This recognition, bestowed by none other than the Prime Minister himself, serves as a testament to Sanchez’s enduring impact on the genre and his unwavering commitment to musical excellence.

“Still Here” stands as a beacon of Sanchez’s artistic prowess, inviting listeners on a journey through heartfelt lyrics and infectious rhythms. Available on all major streaming platforms, the single promises to leave an indelible mark on fans, both seasoned and new.