Terry Bennett and Demarco Spread Positivity with "HELLO" Collaboration

Terry Bennett and Demarco Spread Positivity with “HELLO” Collaboration

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Fusion artist Terry Bennett joins forces with dancehall sensation Demarco to deliver a powerful message of positivity through their latest single, “HELLO.” The track, an acronym for Helping Everyone Love Life Organically, aims to uplift listeners with its infectious energy and vibrant vibes.

“I want people to know that they are acknowledged, and allow the power of positive music to start their days with a boost of energy, for ‘all’ listeners to feel happy, good, and a sense of joy when they hear this song,” expressed Terry Bennett, emphasizing the song’s mission to spread joy and optimism.

Featuring the renowned producer-artist Demarco and boasting stellar production by three-time Grammy award winner Bonzai Caruso, “HELLO” delivers a sonic experience that resonates with audiences worldwide. Accompanied by an animated music video, which has already amassed over 50,000 views on YouTube, the single captivates with its visually stunning presentation.

Terry Bennett and Demarco Spread Positivity with "HELLO" Collaboration

Reflecting on the collaboration, Bennett praised Demarco’s creativity and described their partnership as a meeting of minds. “It was amazing working with Demarco. He is a genius and the most creative person I have ever met,” Bennett shared, highlighting their shared vision to innovate and inspire within the Jamaican culture and beyond.

Taking their collaboration to new heights, Bennett and Demarco enlisted the expertise of an animated company to create 3D avatars for their music video, bringing their ideas to life in a futuristic visual spectacle. Additionally, they explored innovative avenues such as augmented reality on social media platforms, engaging fans in interactive experiences.

Driven by their commitment to make a positive impact, Bennett and Demarco have extended the project’s reach beyond music. Partnering with Master Perfumer Hugh Spencer, they’ve developed a unisex HELLO cologne, with proceeds benefiting the Every Mikkle Foundation to support at-risk youths and women in Jamaica.

With roots tracing back to Jamaica through his parents, Bennett’s connection to the island runs deep, infusing his music with cultural richness and authenticity. Through “HELLO,” he and Demarco aim to spread love, joy, and a message of hope to audiences worldwide.