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Summa’s “Boom” Sparks Excitement in Dancehall Circles

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Emerging dancehall sensation Summa is making waves with her latest single, “Boom.” The track, characterized by its raunchy hardcore dancehall vibe, showcases Summa’s prowess as a lyricist while embracing the sensual side of dancehall culture.

Hailing from Bull Bay, St. Andrew, Summa has been shuttling between Jamaica and the United States, tirelessly promoting her music. Her efforts seem to be bearing fruit, as “Boom” garners positive feedback both online and at local events.

Summa’s manager, Daniel Foster of Nahchange Entertainment, expresses optimism about the song’s potential, describing it as a female anthem that has resonated with audiences across Jamaica. According to Foster, “Boom” has energized popular dancehall venues like Boasy Tuesdays, Uptown Mondays, Boom Sundays, and Weddy Weddy, reclaiming the dance floor for women in the same way as in the past.

Foster believes that “Boom” has chart-topping potential, buoyed by its popularity among female listeners and its infectious beats.

As Summa continues to make her mark in the music scene, “Boom” serves as a testament to her rising prominence and growing influence in the dancehall genre.