Vershon Opens Up about Parting Ways with Popcaan

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Dancehall sensation Vershon recently shared his candid insights about his relationship with fellow artist Popcaan and addressed lingering rumors during a recent podcast interview. Although Vershon expressed respect for Popcaan, he shed light on their growing differences.

“Popcaan is undoubtedly a big star from our Garrison roots, and I have to give him credit for that,” Vershon remarked on the Let’s Be Honest podcast. He emphasized his belief in mutual upliftment, a philosophy he felt Popcaan didn’t share. “I believe in lifting each other up, not just elevating oneself. What I desire for myself, I desire the same for others,” he explained, emphasizing his commitment to genuine collaboration and support.

Despite the differences, Vershon clarified that he still holds Popcaan in high regard. He explained that, over time, it became necessary to maintain a respectful distance. Vershon also clarified that he was never officially signed to Popcaan’s Unruly Entertainment record label. Instead, he focused on building his own brand while associated with the Unruly team.

In the interview, Vershon also addressed longstanding rumors of involvement in scams, which had circulated since 2016. He firmly denied these claims, recounting a minor traffic violation that led to a brief detention at a police station. Vershon attributed misconceptions about his wealth to his early investments and entrepreneurial spirit, emphasizing that his success was the result of hard work and smart financial choices.

Vershon acknowledged the global impact of his music, highlighting that judgment based on appearances often overshadowed the reality of his journey. He revealed that his income primarily came from his hustling spirit and early business ventures, such as owning multiple vehicles and running taxi services, which contributed significantly to his financial stability.

Looking ahead, Vershon assured his fans that he would continue making music, driven by passion rather than material gain. He plans to release new singles through his current music label, Soniq Music, including tracks like “In Return” and the upcoming release “Cool It.” As he navigates the complexities of fame, Vershon remains dedicated to his craft, his fans, and the authenticity that defines his musical journey.