A High Price To Pay For Snoop Dog’s Participation In High & Fines Herbes

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Caballero & JeanJass tried to recruit Snoop Dogg for season 4 of High & Fines Herbes. But the price to pay was too much.

Since January 4, Caballero & JeanJass have been airing season 4 of their show High & Fines Herbes on a weekly basis. The duo did not fail to accompany this season 4 with a mixtape. The mixtape is precisely the reason for a promotional tour undertaken by the two.

During their tour, Caba and JJ stopped with Mehdi Maïzi in Le Code. The recorded interview was broadcasted January 18, 2023. In the meantime, Mehdi has decided to tease the interview and announce its broadcast in advance, and he picked an amazing sequence.

Snoop Dogg’s request

In the excerpt chosen to announce the event, Mehdi is curious to know who is the dream guest that the duo would have liked to have on their program.

In response, the two guests mentioned the name of Snoop Dogg. Caballero and JeanJass looked really serious when they mentioned his name. The duo really dreamt of hosting the American rap legend in their villa in Barcelona.

Snoop Dogg would be able to make the trip to Barcelona provided they pull-up the big check. According to the two ambassadors from Brussels, the American rapper demanded 250,000 dollars for an hour.

No details have been given on the true meaning of this duration. Could it be one hour of filming or one hour of presence?

If we keep on dreaming, it is not impossible that season 5 of the show High & Fines Herbes will feature the legendary rapper.